Canadian songs about Mothers, The Rod and Charles Show, and The Grand Ol’ Opry

In our Made-in-Canada segment, we kick off our Mother’s Day show with music by The Happy Gang, Don Messer, and Marg Osborn about mothers.  We also present an episode of The Rod and Charles Show.  Our Canadians Abroad segment features an episode of The Grand Ol’ Opery, hosted by Hank Snow, who was a native of Liverpool, Nova Scotia.

Rawhide, Some Easter Music and The Shadow

We begin our made-in-Canada segment with an episode of Rawhide starring Max Ferguson and the Easter Bunny. To finish off the segment, we offer some Easter music! Our Canadian’s Abroad segment features an episode of The Shadow starring Toronto-born Grace Matthews. The episode is called “Death and the Easter Bonnet.”

‘The Queen’s Men’ and ‘Texaco Town’

In our ‘Made in Canada’ segment, we hear an episode of “The Queen’s Men”, a series which aired during 1954. The episode is entitled “Missing Persons Case aka Andrew Weeks”.

In our ‘Canadians Abroad’ segment, we listen to an episode of “Texaco Town” starring the comedian Eddy Cantor. The episode from October 4, 1936, features Montreal-native Bobby Breen and Deanna Durbin, who grew up in Winnipeg.

‘Beyond Our Control’ and ‘Command Performance’

In our ‘Made in Canada’ segment, we hear a documentary written, produced and narrated by the late Mike Morrison who was a long-time CBC employee. The title is “Beyond Our Control” and the subject is radio bloopers, most of which are Canadian.

Our ‘Canadians Abroad’ segment features an episode of “Command Performance”. The Canadian was Winnipeg-born actress Deanna Durbin.