‘Canada’s Country Gentleman’ and ‘The Eddy Bracken Story’

We begin our Made-in-Canada segment with Tommy Hunter and His Pals in celebration of the 82nd birthday (March 20) of “Canada’s Country Gentleman.”  Next, we hear a bit of comedy about the result of what happens when we consume what is often delicately referred to as “musical fruit,” which you would never expect the CBC to air back in 1948.  In our Canadians Abroad segment, we hear Vancouver native Ann Rutherford in an episode of The Eddy Bracken Story entitled Whole Day Without Trouble.  Yeah, right!

“Don Gray, Marine Investigator” and “The Story of Dr. Kildare”

Our made-in-Canada segment features the last episode of “Don Gray, Marine Investigator.” In our Canadian’s abroad segment, we hear New Westminster, B.C. born Raymond Burr in “The Story of Dr. Kildare,” on the episode entitled, ‘Eddie Jenkins and the Arsonists.’ Burr would later star in TV’s Perry Mason and Ironside.

Reg Gibson and Jim Pirie, and “Texaco Town”

In our made-in-Canada segment, we spend a half-hour with Canadian folk singing duo, Reg Gibson and Jim Pirie. Our Canadian’s abroad segment centres on a show called “Texaco Town,” hosted by comedian Eddie Cantor — The two Canadians featured are child-stars Deanna Durbin (who was born in Winnipeg), and Bobby Breen, a Montreal native.

“Jake and the Kid” and “People are Funny”

For our made-in-Canada segment, we return to Crocus, Saskatchewan and an episode of “Jake and the Kid” called ‘Dirt Independent.’ Our Canadian’s abroad segment features Moosejaw, Saskatchewan-native Art Linkletter in a show entitled, “People are Funny.”

“The Wayne and Shuster Show”, “Rawhide” and “Dangerously Yours”

Our Made-in-Canada Segment is made up of two programs: First, the “Wayne and Shuster Show” starring Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster. Second, an episode of “Rawhide” starring the many voices of Max Ferguson. In our Canadians Abroad Segment, we have an episode of “Dangerously Yours” starring Montreal-born Victor Jory.

“Share The Wealth,” and “Escape”

In our Made-in-Canada this week, we listen to a quiz show called “Share The Wealth.”  Our Canadians Abroad segment changes the pace considerably with an episode from the series “Escape.”  The star is William Conrad, but included in the cast is Winnipeg-born Jack Krushan.

Radio Canada Playhouse, and “Fort Laramie”

This week’s Made-in-Canada segment features James Doohan, (Star Trek’s Scotty), in a thriller entitled “The Long Night.”  In our Canadians Abroad segment, we feature an episode of Fort Laramie, starring Raymond Burr who was born in New Westminster, British Columbia.

“Wayne and Shuster” and “The Marriage”

For our made-in-Canada segment, we hear an episode of “The Wayne and Shuster Show,” starring Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster. Our Canadian’s Abroad segment features the first episode of a comedy show called, “The Marriage,” starring Jessica Tandy, and London, Ontario-born Hume Cronyn.

“The Happy Gang” and “Cavalcade of America”

In our made-in-Canada segment, we hear an episode of the long-lived musical variety show called, “The Happy Gang.” Our Canadian’s Abroad segment features an episode of “Cavalcade of America,” hosted by Walter Huston, who was born in Toronto, Canada and starring St. John, New Brunswick-born, Walter Pidgeon, who plays famous Canadian doctor, Norman Bethune.